• Overwhelmed by clutter?
  • Stressed by too many paper piles?
  • Can’t find what you want when you want it?

Whether it’s a closet, the kitchen, your office, or the entire house, Home Solutions can help. We treat our clients, their space, and their belongings with respect, offering a confidential, non-judgmental approach to getting organized.

We’re often asked, “What exactly do you do?”

The answer is, “We do it all!” For example:

  • We reorganize closets, cupboards, and drawers, maximizing each storage space: no more avalanche of Tupperware™ every time you open the cabinet.
  • We create “home central” with a mail and bill-paying center, as well as a customized file system to eliminate paper piles scattered throughout the home or office.
  • We can establish functional storage space in the attic, basement, or garage. These are typically catch-all areas that become overwhelming.
  • We take items to donation, recycling, or consignment sites. Poof, clutter’s gone!

Grandma was right: “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” We believe this simple rule is the key to maintaining an organized environment and living an organized life.

Organized Living Space

Residential Organizing

In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever that your home be your sanctuary. It should be a place to rest, relax and enjoy yourself.

An uncluttered, organized space helps create a stress-free environment and simplifies your life, giving you time for the things that matter most.

In an on-line poll at, 35 percent of the 13,000 respondents said they avoid going home if they want to relax, and feel they need an “intervention” to deal with the clutter. Only 6 percent said their home is clutter free and a haven for relaxation. So, if you’ve got clutter issues, you’re not alone.

We also offer (non-medical) personal assistance on an ongoing basis, depending on your needs. This includes services such as opening and processing mail, filing paperwork, running errands, decorating for a holiday, or preparing for an event.

Organized Living Space

Business Office Organizing

 What about your office? It’s your “home away from home,” and the way it looks and functions affects your productivity, your stress level, and the image you project to co-workers and clients alike.

We assess current systems, review what is and isn’t working, and suggest or implement solutions to improve efficiency and productivity.

If you’re ready to take control of your space and your life, call Home Solutions. Click here for our contact information…

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